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  • Safe Navigation with Complete Situational Awareness

    ESEN TACOS System combines ‘Traffic Collision Avoidance System’ (TCAS II) and Terrain Awareness and Warning System (TAWS) in a modular open architecture.
    Developed in accordance with ARP 4754, ARP 4761, DO-178C, DO-254 and DO-160G standards, the system offers an effective solution by combining two functions in a single unit.


    • 1030/1090 MHz receiving and transponder frequencies
    • Traffic advisory for potential threats
    • Coordinates maneuvering direction via Mode S transponder if threat has TCAS
    • Monitor and calculate relative distance, relative angle, and altitude criterion to threat platforms
    • Vertical resolution advisory for threat platforms

    Terrain Awareness Warning System (TAWS)

    TAWS Class A provides unique performance-based algorithms that consider aircraft position, altitude (MSL/AGL), airspeed, vertical velocity, phase of flight, performance data, flaps, and gear configuration, groundspeed, and ground track angle, radio altitude, attitude for its terrain advisories. 
    TAWS Class A function defined in DO-367 and TSO-C151d standards generates the following audible warnings within the scope of Ground Proximity Warning – GPWS functionality:


    • Excessive rate of descent with concerning terrain 
    • Excessive closure rate to terrain 
    • Negative climb (sink) rate or accumulated altitude loss before acquiring, 700 feet terrain clearance after takeoff or missed approach 
    • Flight into the terrain when not in landing configuration 
    • Forward-Looking Terrain Avoidance - FLTA) 
    • Premature Descent Approach - PDA) 
    • Terrain / Obstacle Image - ARINC 708)