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  • Field Proven Airborne Mission Management, Command Control System

    WISE23 Mission Management System provides comprehensive mission support to operators via sensor fusion & artificial intelligence capabilities.


    The system is designed for intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance operations on air, land, sea platforms & domains.


    • National mission management system 
    • Scalable, modular, open architecture         
    • Moving map, topographic, road, and street map         
    • Sensor control and data integration (EO/IR, WAS, SAR, ESM, TDL, IFF, AIS)         
    • Video view, record, and replay         
    • Moving target detection and tracking         
    • Target image in tactical picture         
    • Anomaly detection and alerts         
    • Open source data integration (ATC, AIS, Meteo)         
    • Sensor data fusion         
    • IFF automatic classification         
    • Mission planning, tracking, recording, and reporting


    • Mission management system with advanced features         
    • Subsystem (sensors and effectors) integration         
    • Advanced tactical picture         
    • AI-powered surveillance and identification         
    • Video data management         
    • Video moving target detection and tracking         
    • Fully integrated sensors and guidance
    • Advanced decision support with artificial intelligence, anomaly detection         
    • Advanced identification with Data Fusion         
    • Meteorological data integration         
    • Open source data integration         
    • Sensor coverage diagrams         
    • Open system architecture         
    • Air and ground segments for analysis during and after the mission