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  • Effective Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance for Field Operations

    ESEN Mini UAS is a man-portable UAS for tactical intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance operations. It can be deployed from a hand, catapult, or vehicle and recovered by belly landing.
    Mini UAS

    Mini UAS


    • Runway independent operations via catapult or vehicle launch and belly landing recovery 
    • Operation continuity under GNSS denied environment via GöRDES Vision-Based Navigation System 
    • Mobile operations (carried by 2 personnel, no need for infrastructure) 
    • Ready for operations in 10 minutes 
    • Low radar, visual, acoustic, and thermal traceability 
    • Day & night (EO/IR) operations with integrated camera

    • Laser pointer for smart ammunition fire support
    • Autonomous return to home in case of link loss
    • Ground data terminal and ground control station handover capability during operations
    • ITAR free
    • NATO AEP-83 compliant design, NATO AEP-84 interoperability
    Mini UAS

    Technical Specifications

    Maximum Take-off Weight 12 kg
    Launch & Recovery Catapult or vehicle launch, belly landing recovery
    Payload Capacity 2 kg
    Wind Limits 25 kts
    Endurance 3 hours
    Engine Electrical
    LOS Range
    20 km
    Operational Temperature -30 °C / + 55 °C
    Service Ceiling
    15.000 ft (MSL)
    Wing Span 4.6 m
    Cruise Speed 28 Kts
    Length 2.5 m
    Height 0.5 m