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    Innovation is an integral part of our work culture. As ESEN, we strengthen all the achievements we have achieved with the innovative work we carry out within the scope of our R&D Center, by increasing cooperation with universities, as well as the incentives.

    Innovative Projects

    Within our R&D studies, we continuously invest in product development and encourage our employees to think innovatively through various reward systems. We have 1 patent and 3 approved brands for the application of new technologies.

    R&D Labs

    We have 4 R&D laboratories for the development of our products, new ideas, and the realization of new technologies, new methods and new applications.

    Cooperation with Universities

    We prioritize the Industry-University collaborations in order to develop our current projects and new ideas, increase the competencies of our employees, as well as to increase the quality of our productions through academic studies. For this reason, we have offices in ODTÜ Teknokent, one of Turkey's first technopolis, and Hacettepe Teknokent, one of the favorite innovation centers.


    Our Wide Area Surveillance product received the Product Development Process Award at the Innovation and Creativity Awards organized by the Turkish Electronics Industry Association (TESID) in 2017. Again at the same awards organized by TESID in 2020, we were deemed worthy of the Innovative Product Award with our GöRDES Vision-Based Navigation Product.

    TUBITAK Incentives

    As ESEN, our R&D activities are supported by two programs given by TUBITAK. The first is the 1501 Industry R&D Support Program. This program is aimed to support the project-based research - technology development and innovation activities of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).
    The other is the 1511 TUBITAK Priority Areas Research, Technology Development and Innovation (Technology Oriented Industry Move Program) Program. This program is aimed to concentrate the support and incentives provided by the Ministry and its affiliates/related institutions to medium-high and high-technology sectors by managing them from a single window, in line to increase value-added production in Turkey.