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  • Quality Policy

    ESEN commits to translating customer requirements into quality, cost-effective products and services through defined processes and providing customer satisfaction. In order to achieve this goal, ESEN believes in following principles: 

    • Fulfill legal and regulatory requirements, 
    • Fulfill customer requirements, 
    • Direct R&D activities according to potential customer needs and the context of the organization,
    • Reduce adverse environmental impacts in all processes from design stage to end-of-life, 
    • Fulfill Quality Management System requirements and continuously improve its effectiveness, 
    • Employees are ESEN's most important asset,
    • Integrity, equality, trust, honesty, teamwork, well-balanced work, personal life, and information sharing is a natural part of ESEN company culture, 
    • Each employee is responsible to realize this quality policy.


    By fulfillment of all necessary requirements, ESEN is certified by Turkish Ministry of National Defense General Directorate of Military Factories as a qualified supplier.

    ISO 27001 Information Security Management System Policy:

    The purpose of our Information Security Management policy is;


    ESEN is a member of the following organizations: