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  • Quick Deployable, Cost Effective ISR Missions

    GoKHUN fixed-wing vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) UAV system, has optimum payload - endurance capacity in its class. GoKHUN is designed to perform intelligence, reconnaissance, and surveillance missions can stay in the air at medium altitudes for a long time, and has ease of maintenance & operation and mobile operation capability. GoKHUN UAV is the ideal unmanned aerial vehicle solution that can operate without the need for a runway thanks to its vertical take-off/landing feature and can be used on both land and sea platforms.
    GOKHUN UAS System, which can operate without needing a runway and is in the Small UAV category (NATO Class-I) with its weight criteria; It has Tactical UAV (NATO Class-II) class capabilities with its endurance, altitude, and range, and offers the flexibility to perform a wide range of different tasks with its ability to carry two different payloads at the same time. In addition to military and law enforcement applications, it can be used for operations as such environment (environmental pollution detection, forest fire detection, construction/infrastructure control, precision agriculture, etc.), disasters, and emergencies (earthquake casualty removal and evacuation, search and rescue, etc.), communication (telecommunication relay, mobile phone relay, wireless coverage, etc.) monitoring (fishing monitoring, power line monitoring, road traffic monitoring, etc.) and security (maritime patrol, border security, community activities, and events monitoring, drug traffic monitoring, vehicle, and personnel tracking, detection/tracking of smuggling and migration activities etc.).


    • Vertical takeoff & landing from 10m x 10m area, without needing additional equipment or runway
    • Up to 16 hours of flight time
    • Mini UAS (NATO Class I) dimensions & weight, tactical UAS (NATO Class II) level performance
    • GNSS independent ESEN vision based navigation system (GöRDES)
    • Triple redundant navigation system
    • Dual redundant flight control system
    • Dual redundant datalink and electrical system
    • Jam resistant GNSS
    • 15 min assemble & disassemble time by two technicians
    • Mobile ease of use, transportation with 2 vans         
    • Ability to work day and night (EO/IR) with the integrated payload system,         
    • Mission flexibility and diversity thanks to its ability to carry two different payloads simultaneously        
    • Operation from land and sea platforms         
    • Autonomous return to home in case of link loss         
    • Ground control station and ground data terminal handover capability
    • ITAR free          
    • NATO AEP-83 compliant design, NATO AEP-84 level 4 interoperability

    Technical Specifications

    Maximum Take-off Weight 110 kg Max Engine Power: 2 stroke, 15 HP
    Payload + Fuel Capacity 26 kg Fuel Type Gasoline/Heavy Fuel
    Endurance 9 hours(with 12 kg payload)
    16 hours(with 4 kg payload)
    Electrical Power 2 kW
    LOS Range >150 km Datalink S- Band, L- Band
    Service Ceiling 18000 ft(MSL) Bandwidth 10 Mbps
    Cruise speed 52-85 kts Operational Temperature -30 °C / +55 °C
    Take-off/landing Vertical take-off and landing on landing gears Length 3.62 m
    Wind Limits 15 kts on ground / 40 kts on air Height 0.94 m
    Engine 2 Stroke, Fuel Injected Wingspan 5.76 m
    Standards NATO AEP-83/84