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  • Persistent Surveillance, Complete Awareness:

    ESEN Land-based Wide Area Surveillance System (LWAS), which is a wide-area motion imagery (WAMI) solution, provides persistent overall surveillance from fixed ground platforms.


    Land-based WAS

    Unlike low-resolution imagery of traditional fixed surveillance systems, LWAS provides holistic awareness over very large areas (6 km2 instantaneously, 36 kmvia scanning) at very high resolution with its EO/IR sensors. 
    While keeping the eye on the overall operational picture, LWAS is capable of utilizing multiple live feed chip-outs of areas of interest at highly detailed imagery.


    • Simultaneous moving target detection & tracking, up to 2000 objects (Humans, vehicles, etc.) 
    • Geolocation & live presentation of detected objects on 3-D Geographical Information System (GIS) 
    • Live feed of multiple areas of interest at high resolution (chip-out) 
    • Definition of alarm and interest region, event marks 
    • Geo-registration 
    • Cueing pan-tilt-zoom cameras 
    • Seek, pause, search and replay function


    Technical Specifications

    Daytime (EO) Nighttime (IR)
    Field of View 57° 37°
    Coverage Area 6 km2 instantaneously, 36 km2 via scanning 1,5 km2 instaneously, 18 km2 via scanning
    Max Tracking Range 3.5 km 2.5 km
    Scanning 360° 360°
    Operational Temperature -30 °C / +50 °C -30 °C / +50 °C
    Detector Type CMOS Uncooled LWIR
    Number of Pixels 90 MP 4.3 MP

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