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Innovation comes from joint activities. Thanks to this belief adopted by each team member, we work in harmony as a team and we develop projects of which we all are proud. Surely, teaming does not mean being uniform. In the harmony created by the differences, it consists of solutions arising from the discussions of opposite ideas. That's why ESEN offers the whole team an open-minded, flexible and friendly working environment.

Companies grow as they share. We believe that not only the in-company trainings but also the sharing of knowledge and experience have an important place in our company culture. We develop together and we get excited together when we see an inspiration, opportunity and potential. That's why ESEN consists of a team that likes to wonder, enjoys solving problems, and develops themselves and believes in the power of sharing.

The majority of our team is working at ESEN for a long time. We build long-term togetherness because we care about the needs of our employees and their expectations from a working environment.

Working at ESEN

Our recruitment process starts with the evaluation of the applications coming from many channels and the candidates with the required competencies are invited for the job interviews. Candidates invited to the interviews are also evaluated within the framework of ESEN culture and values in addition to their technical competencies. The Human Resources department and the related technical teams work in cooperation to determine the most suitable and right candidate for the desired position. Competency-Based Interview Techniques are used to determine the skills and knowledge of candidates. Interviews are supported by different measurement and evaluation tools according to the requirements. When the candidate is placed in the position of recruitment, other candidates are contacted to thank for their involvement in our processes. You may apply to an open position in accordance with your qualifications under the heading "Apply to Us" on our website or you can make a general application to our company. Your CV will be automatically taken to our candidate pool and you will be notified if a position arises suitable for your qualifications.

Life at ESEN

There's great life in ESEN! In a positive working environment, we aim to provide the necessary opportunities for our employees for them to demonstrate their full potential. We provide a comfortable office environment and necessary tools to enable to develop inspiring technological products.

We support our employees to develop themselves through internal and external trainings and international training programs. We aim to achieve the highest level of learning and technical development by establishing academic cooperation in our projects. 

We encourage our employees who want to continue their postgraduate studies to participate in master's and doctoral programs through our flexible working hour practices.

We create a state-of-the-art living and working environment that supports the needs of our colleagues to create a good work-life balance. 

We encourage management systems based on innovative business results and mutual trust.

We care about the health of all our employees and provide private health insurance coverage from the beginning of their employment.

We provide our employees with transport services or assist with their transport costs according to their preferences.

We are a team who likes to spend time together and have fun. With our "Happy Hour" activities, we come together for sharing a good time together. With "Lunch with General Manager" activity, our colleagues with different experience in our company get a chance to know each other more closely.

In addition to labor law, we give each of our employees a "Welcome Holiday" for 5 days.

Job Adverts

Maybe you are the missing one in our team! 
We are looking for team members who are innovative, believe in perfection, enjoy problem solving and trust their expertise.