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  • Senior Software Engineer, Machine Learning

    General Qualifications and Job Description

    • Must have either a BS or MS in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or in Electrical Engineering, or similar technical fields,
    • 3+ years of professional experience in Machine Learning and/or Signal Processing fields,
    • Hands-on experience developing software and/or performing applied research in the areas of machine learning, deep learning,
    • Programming background in Python, C, C++ or Java,
    • Experience with data science tools including Python scripting, numpy, scipy, matplotlib, scikit-learn,
    • Fluency in Deep Learning Frameworks ( TensorFlow, Pytorch or Keras etc.),
    • Strong analytical skills, a positive mindset, and ability of finding innovative solutions to complex problems,
    • Can communicate with people and find it easy to explain your findings and convey your knowledge to others.


    • Developing innovative ML and DL algorithms for digital signal processing,
    • Concept development, literature search, design, analysis, and implementation of various ML solutions, as well as pipelines,
    • Applying both your knowledge in conventional signal processing algorithms, as well as machine learning to design cutting edge technology.