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  • Turkish company wins NASA’s tender

    The Turkish company SNC Space Systems, which has participated in the NASA tender, has undertaken cargo delivery, return and unloading services to the International Space Station.
    • Author: ESEN

    Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC) Space Systems was selected by NASA as the contractor to provide cargo delivery, return and unloading services to the International Space Station (ISS).

    According to the statement from the company, the SNC won the tender for Commercial Resupply Services 2 (CRS2), where the cargo delivery service will be fulfilled. With NASA choosing the SNC for its CRS2 program, by 2024 the US will have access to the ISS and availability of the spacecraft to be used in the cargo delivery for reuse and landing to runway will be fulfilled.

    SNC President Eren Özmen stated that they are honored to have NASA selected SNC for this critical program of the United States and said: “We are swollen by pride that the trust to SNC is shown in such a way in this big competition. We look forward to successfully showing the tremendous features of the Dream Chaser spacecraft to the whole world. The fact that SNC wins this tender means the realization of an American Dream for all of us. We would like to thank NASA, the administration and the Congress for supporting the CRS2 tender, as they appreciate the importance of this substantial project.”

    Mark Sirangelo, Vice President of SNC Space Systems, said that the Dream Chaser Cargo System provides a safe, reliable and economical solution to NASA for cargo delivery, return and unloading services, and that it will ensure the sustainability and effective use of the ISS in the coming years. Sirengelo stated “in a few years, the world will witness the take-off and landing from space of a winged craft belonging to USA once more”.