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  • ESEN Is Exhibiting at EW Live 2.0

    ESEN will participate in the EW Live 2.0 event taking place in Tartu, Estonia
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    Ankara, Turkey- ESEN will participate in the EW Live 2.0 taking place in Tartu, Estonia and demonstrate its HF Direction Finding, Geolocation and Monitoring (HFDF) and Airborne COMINT products to international military delegations & subject matter experts. Please come and visit ESEN at Booth 20.

    About HFDF

    HFDF is the tactical High-Frequency Direction Finding, Geolocation and Monitoring System providing Electronic Support Measures (ESM) for communication systems in HF Band. The core equipment of the system is an eight-channel narrowband or wideband HF tuner subsystem. System provides direction finding, geolocation and monitoring against targets communicating over both ground-wave and sky-wave and can be operated locally or remotely via an ethernet interface. HFDF is an ideal solution for the tactical combat units in challenging operational environments.

    For more information, visit www.esensi.com.tr/product/hf-direction-finding-geolocation-and-monitoring-system-hfdf

    About Airborne COMINT

    Airborne COMINT System is an airborne communications intelligence solution covering HF, VHF, UHF frequency bands. System detects radio signals emanating from various devices, geolocates them and shows the location data on a digital map, provides modulation recognition, demodulation, transmitter (device) identification and classification. Airborne COMINT System has adaptability to be integrated into manned and unmanned platforms.

    For more information, visit www.esensi.com.tr/product/airborne-communications-intelligence-comint-system

    About ESEN

    ESEN, lead innovator and system integrator for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance technologies, was established in 2012 as an affiliated company of Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC) (https://www.sncorp.com/). ESEN develops engineering solutions in the fields of aviation, space, defense and security. ESEN is known for its capabilities in aviation, image processing & remote sensing, EW/SIGINT, avionics systems, unmanned aerial systems and software development. The company has undertaken and completed programs involving aircraft modifications, software and hardware integrations, certification consultancy, developed unique solutions in airborne and land-based COMINT/SIGINT equipment, Wide Area Surveillance Systems for airborne & land-based platforms, Traffic and Terrain Collision Avoidance Systems (TCAS II), Command and Control, Mission Management Systems, Fixed Wing & Hybrid Fixed Wing VTOL Unmanned Aerial Systems, Data Fusion and Big Data Analytics Solutions. For more information, visit www.esensi.com.tr/en