Wide Area Surveillance Systems (WAS)

ESEN Wide Area Surveillance System (WAS) provides real time continuous surveillance capability over a city size area (~20km2). Through utilization of this system, complete situational awareness is achieved whilst gathering more intelligence data. ESEN WAS provides;


Real-time surveillance of a region (city size area)


Displays real time chip out images of a high number targets


Real time motion detection and tracking


Anomaly / activity detection (pre-programmed or customized by the operator)


Long period data archive capability


Forensic analysis capability


Real time event management system easing the workload of the operator

ESEN WAS, can be used on air platforms ranging from manned aircraft to Male class UAVs like ANKA and to small UAVs. The system is also used for persistent surveillance requirements on aerostats, tower mounted applications and tethered drones.

Wide Area Surveillance (WAS) system can efficiently be used for wide area movement sensing, suspicious vehicle/human tracking, convoy protection, operation monitoring, after-incident forensic analysis, anomaly finding and before-incident predictions. All these functions can simultaneously be processed over a single WAS system. These features makeWAS system a cost-effective solution.

Aerostat WAS

In the Aerostat WAS, ESEN WAS solution is is integrated to balloon platforms to perform surveillance in special need areas.

Tower WAS

Tower WAS (TWAS) system consists of a series of cameras mounted at a tower to perform persistent wide area surveillance, both in day and night. The system also incorporates automatic movement sensing.

Tower WAS systems are preferred to ensure the security of critical facilities and to protect border areas.

Tethered Drone WAS

Drone systems are very popular due to their flexible use, but limited flight times limit their use in a variety of applications. Tethered drone systems provide a solution to refrain from limited flight times and enable creation of virtual towers.

Tethered Drone WAS systems developed by ESEN, provide solution to the problem of persistant surveillance Thanks to this system, the tethered drone systems deployed at an altitude of 100m, could monitor, and detect all human and vehicle movements within a radius of up to 1.5 km.

Small UAV WAS (Ebabil)

The fight against terrorism is one of the critical challenges of ensuring security. Such challenges require to detect human activities in mountainous terrain, especially in the border regions.

Ebabilcontinuously flies over the terrain and detects motion in the survaillance region. After detection, the coordinate and image information of the movement is transmitted to the operator in the ground control station. The operator can choose to continue the tracking or continue to search, and a unit can be deployed to the related location with the received coordinate informations.