Wide Area Surveillance System are expected to be utilized more in the coming period. ASELSAN and ESEN, have decided to join their forcese for the Wide Area Surveillance System development.

ESEN General Manager Cem Uğur said that they develop engineering solutions in the fields of aviation, defense and security.

Emphasizing that all the solutions they produce are developed nationally by Turkish engineers, Uğur stated that the project they have been working on most since company establishment is Wide Area Surveillance System.

Uğur emphasized that aerial imaging is a very important technology in the fight against terrorism and said that many existing systems control narrow area from the air. Uğur put forward that “Our system finds all objects in a very wide 4km by 4km area, that`s 16km2 area, and tracks them. Such a technology is actually groundbreaking in security. Imaging part of this system is important, yet software part is more important. This is due to impossibility to make surveillance only with human eye in such a wide area. The system we developed as Turkish engineers allows us to automatically find the elements that might pose a threat while looking at this area. Therefore, by keeping human impact to a minimum, we can find threats in a way that puts little burden on operators. We are now able to track around 3 thousand objects.”

Claiming the system is developed in a way to be run in all manned and unmanned vehicles, Uğur said “We designed Wide Area Surveillance System to be used in all three domains, manned planes, unmanned aerial vehicles and fixed platforms like balloon or towers.”