Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC) owned by Eren and Fatih Özmen couple known for Domestic Passenger Plane in Turkey has announced that they have grabbed a very important project from NASA.

The space shuttle Dream Chaser, developed by SNC, will carry loads to the International Space Station (ISS).

SNC company was selected by NASA as the contractor to provide cargo delivery, return and unloading services to the ISS which conducts various research in space. With NASA choosing the SNC, by 2024, the USA will be able to access the ISS and the spacecraft to be used in cargo delivery and the ability to land on the runway will be fulfilled.

Capacity of 5,5 tons

Sierra Nevada Corporation President Eren Özmen stated that they are honored to have NASA selected SNC for this critical program of the United States and said: “We look forward to successfully showing the tremendous features of the Dream Chaser spacecraft to the whole world. The fact that SNC wins this tender means the realization of an American Dream for all of us.” A total of 5,500 kilograms of cargo will be carried on each flight to the space.