TESID Innovation and Creativity Award: GORDES

Our Vision Based Navigation System, GöRDES, which enables aircraft to navigate independently of the global positioning system, was deemed worthy of the Innovation and Creativity Award at the 19th Innovation and Creativity Award Ceremony by the Turkish Electronics Industrialists Association TESID.

By matching the images taken from the on-board camera with the terrain images stored in its memory, GöRDES allows the aircraft to determine its instantaneous position, speed and orientation, and enables the aircraft to continue its mission successfully in cases where the GPS signal is lost due to jamming and spoofing. Thanks to its flexible design, GöRDES can be integrated into all manned and unmanned, civil and military air platforms.

GöRDES Project, which is among the firsts in the world, was developed by ESEN with the support of TUBITAK. We would like to thank everyone who contributed their efforts and support, especially the GöRDES Project Team and the whole ESEN family…