Vision Based Navigation System

GöRDES Vision Based Navigation System provides accurate and real time position, velocity and attitude information for aerial vehicles under GNSS denied conditions via onboard imaging and image processing.

For almost every vehicle requiring outdoor navigation, GNSS is mostly regarded as the only system that can generate accurate position information. However, GNSS signals widely subject to jamming and spoofing under operational conditions. To mitigate this vulnerability, alternative ways for navigation are needed. Thanks to advances in image processing, photogrammetry, and computer vision, studies on image-based navigation systems have come to the fore as one of the complementary systems.

By using image processing and computer vision algorithms, GöRDES provides position, velocity and attitude information by matching the previously captured onboard satellite/aerial images with the images taken from the GöRDES camera system of the aerial platform. GöRDES provides accurate positioning & attitude information for aerial vehicle to complete its mission and safely return to home.


No on the ground installation is needed for operation (operates with internal image database and the built-in camera)


Passive system (no active emission, cannot be jammed, interfered)


Navigation data at 1/10/50 Hz


Low SWaP requirements

GöRDES is designed then proved its concept in challenging geographical environments (deep valleys, large water bodies, etc.) and uneasy weather conditions.

System can be adapted to numerous platforms & altitudes, varying from small UAVs to manned aircrafts.

Widely use of UAVs and even wider use of jamming on military, homeland security and civilian operations shows that GöRDES is a vital requirement for uninterrupted airborne navigation.

Technical Specifications

GöRDES - S (for small UAVs) GöRDES - T (for tactical UAVs)
Sensor Performance
Sensor Output Position, Velocity, Attitude
IP Rating IP 54 IP 65
Operating Temperature -20°C to 45°C -20°C to 45°C
Dimensions 137.5mm (H) x 120mm (L) x 85mm (W) 153mm (H) x 274mm (L) x 205mm (W)
Weight 300 g 2000 - 4500 g
Input Voltage 5 V 12 V
Power Consumption < 40 Watt < 60 Watt
Interface UART
Protocol NMEA (latitude, longitude, altitude, velocity, groundspeed, roll, pitch, yaw)
Output Frequency 1-50 Hz
Built-in Self-test Yes
Software Suite
GöRDES Airborne SW
Mission Planning SW
Maintenance SW
Applicable Platforms
Multirotor Drones, UAVs, Manned Platforms


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