Aircraft Systems

Avionics system development for fixed wing aircraft and helicopters;

With the purpose of developing innovative avionics systems, pioneer solutions are developed for aerospace applications. Traffic and Terrain Collision Avoidance System (TACOS), Wide-Area Surveillance System (WAS) and Terrain following navigation systems could be listed as examples of such studies.

Aircraft Modifications;

ESEN provides engineering services to convert Military/Civilian aircraft to special mission configurations independently from OEM solutions. Modernization, modification and enhancement of the platforms are performed following the rules & guidelines of civil aviation authorities. Depending on the nature of the requirements, Supplemental Type Certificates (STCs) are obtained from Civil Aviation Authorities.

Consultancy services for Organizational Development including process development to establish Design Organisation Approval (DOA), establishment of competency development frameworks for human resources management, engineering tools development and data management in line with rules and regulations of Civil and Military Aviation Authorities are provided for the international customers