Özmen Family Sends Cargo to Space

Eren and Fatih Özmen won the tender for NASA’s International Space Station (ISS) for cargo delivery, return and unloading services. The space station needs will be met by Dream Chaser, developed by Özmen Family.

Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC) Space Systems was selected as the contractor of NASA’s tender for cargo delivery, return and unloading services to ISS7. The SNC will make a minimum of 6 cargo deliveries to the Space Station, using the self-developed Dream Chaser. SNC is also conducting in Turkey’s Regional Aircraft Project.

By 2024, the US will be able to access the International Space Station (ISS) and the spacecraft to be used in cargo delivery and the ability to land on the runway will be fulfilled.

Eren Özmer-Fatih Özmen Couple

Sierra Nevada Corporation President Eren Özmen stated that they are honored to have NASA selected SNC for this critical program of the United States and said: “We are swollen by pride that the trust to SNC is shown in such a way in this big competition; We look forward to successfully showing the tremendous features of the Dream Chaser spacecraft to the whole world. The fact that SNC wins this tender means the realization of an American Dream for all of us. We would like to thank NASA, the administration and the Congress for supporting the CRS2 tender, as they appreciate the importance of this substantial project.”


Sierra Nevada offers technologies and teams designed to build and maintain connections with innovative solutions in aircraft, aviation, aerospace, electronics, cyber systems and aerospace electronics.

The company has been operating for 50 years in the industry and has been named the most successful federal government contractor owned by a woman in the United States. One of the Top 10 Innovative Companies in the Space Field, SNC is chaired by Eren Özmen and the General Manager is Fatih Özmen. It has more than 3 thousand employees in total of 33 centers located in 18 states in the USA and located in the UK, Germany and Turkey.

Vice President of SNC Space Systems Mark N. Sirengelo stated “in a few years, the world will witness the take-off and landing from space of a winged craft belonging to USA once more. We would like to thank them for contributing us to create a history with our more than 30 partners conducting studies in the sector in general, at universities, internationally and at NASA centers and to start a new generation at space flights.”


Features of Dream Chaser Cargo System developed by SNC are:

Its simultaneous 5500kg pressured and non-pressured delivery capacity to International Space Station draws attention since this figure is above the requirements of NASA’s CRS2 Request Proposal.

Its suitableness for high reusability which reduces costs and makes them ready for re-flight. Service responsiveness to pressurized cargo return; This way, scientific experiments are carried out in the intended way and without causing contamination while allowing a fast return to researchers.

Re-entering the atmosphere with low g force and landing on the runway; this feature is considered important in terms of providing accurate access to sensitive cargos and scientific experiments and immediate access to cargo. 

Use of non-toxic fuels and consumables; Dream Chaser is claimed to be the first vehicle to have this degree of environmental responsibility ever.