NASA contracts Cargo Delivery Mission to International Space Station

Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC) announced on January 15th that NASA has chosen SNC Space Systems as the contractor for the delivery of cargo to the International Space Station (ISS) and carriage of equipment from station to earth.

SNC won the tender for the Commercial Resupply Services 2 (CRS2), which was opened by NASA and includes minimum of 6 missions to ISS. These expeditions will be carried out using the SNC’s Dream Chaser spacecraft.

SNC President Eren Özmen stated that they are honored to have NASA selected SNC for this critical program of the United States and said: “We are swollen by pride that the trust to SNC is shown in such a way in this big competition; We look forward to successfully showing the tremendous features of the Dream Chaser spacecraft to the whole world. The fact that SNC wins this tender means the realization of an American Dream for all of us. We would like to thank NASA, the administration and the Congress for supporting the CRS2 tender, as they appreciate the importance of this substantial project.”

The main features of SNC’s Dream Chaser spacecraft are:

  • The Dream Chaser has been adapted to use with various rocket groups thanks to its innovative folding wing design that allows the current launcher to fit into the useful load compartments.
  • The vehicle is capable of delivering 5500 kg of cargo to the ISS at the pressurized and non-pressurized compartments. This figure is above the requirements of NASA’s CRS2 Request Proposal.
  • The car’s re-use feature reduces costs and allows the vehicle to be ready for a quick re-flight. In addition, the pressurized compartment of the vehicle provides the return of the scientific loads sent from the ISS to the earth, in the intended manner and without causing contamination.
  • With low G-force re-entry to the atmosphere and landing to runway, vulnerable loads and scientific experiments can be handled with precision. In addition, it provides instant access to cargo after landing.
  • The use of non-toxic fuels and consumables makes Dream Chaser the first vehicle to have environmental responsibility so high.
  • In the press release, it is reported that the Dream Chaser Program will continue over the center in Louisville, Colorado. In connection with its international partners, SNC plans to significantly expand its activities in Colorado and throughout the United States to support the needs of the tender.