Software Engineer (GPGPU, CUDA)


  • BSc or MSc degree in Computer Science/Engineering, Electrical & Electronics Engineering or related field
  • 2+ years of hands-on, professional experience with GPGPU programming using CUDA or OpenCL
  • Hands-on C/C++ programming experience on Linux environment
  • An understanding of Software Development Life Cycle processes and concepts
  • Verbal and written proficiency in English
  • No obstacle for security clearance
Preferred Qualifications

  • Academic or professional experience/background in DSP and/or high-performance computing
  • Solid understanding of linear algebra and numerical optimization
  • Experience in developing real-time and embedded software
  • Experience in software performance analysis, profiling and optimization using tools like Intel Parallel Studio, Valgrind, or NVIDIA Profiling Tools etc.
  • Familiarity with engineering tools like DOORS, Jira, SVN, and Git
  • Familiarity with modern software development principles and practices

  • Implement and maintain high performance, reliable, and highly available software using C/C++
  • Design, analyze, validate, and prototype GPGPU algorithms and implement them in production software
  • Profile and analyze performance of C/C++ code and integrate GPU optimizations as necessary
  • Implement automated unit and unit integration tests for your code