Senior Quality Engineer

ESEN Quality and Configuration team is looking for new team members.


  • BS degree in Engineering or related technical departments,
  • Knowledge of ISO 9001, AS-9100 quality management system standards and CMMI model,
  • At least 5 years of experience as a Quality Engineer,
  • Knowledge of safety critical standards DO-178C, DO-254 and at least 2 years experience,
  • Strong ability to identify problems,
  • Experience of process implementation monitoring and identification of improvements,
  • Knowledge of root cause analysis methods,
  • Experience to perform an internal audit,
  • Willing to learn, highly motivated,
  • Collaborative; work well in a team environment, can communicate openly,
  • Capable to resolve conflicts,

  • Plan and perform quality assurance activities of projects,
  • Prepare audit plans,
  • Perform internal audits, configuration audits, first article inspection, supplier audits, soi audits,
  • Manage correction/corrective action and track them to closure,
  • Support establishment of project tailoring,
  • Support development of lessons learned,
  • Manage nonconforming products,
  • Perform root cause analysis,
  • Manage organizational risks,
  • Maintain approved supplier list,
  • Manage process improvement proposals,
  • Monitor process performances and ensure data collection,
  • Define and ensure availability of quality policy, life cycle processes, models with respect to standards,
  • Coordinate certification of Quality Management System,
  • Support proposal preparation activities,
  • Ensure quality and engineering policy is understood and applied.