Production Engineer

Being a part of our team, Production Engineer will be responsible for developing and controlling of production system


  • Sc.M.Sc. degree in electrical and electronic engineering, mechatronic, mechanical engineering or equivalent programs,
  • Having knowledge and experience of IPC J-STD 001, IPC-A-610, IPC-WHMA-620, IPC-A-600, IPC 7711-7721 standards,
  • Having minimum 3-year experience in similar positions,
  • Having knowledge in PCB assembly process,
  • Experience in quality and military standards,
  • Planning and organization, problem solving, communication, ability of persuasion, working for details, analytical thinking, being able to work as a team, management skills, production management
  • Advanced English level
  • Advanced MS Office knowledge

  • Evaluation of production capability and infrastructure,
  • Determination of necessary infrastructure and capacity requirements for the production in accordance with the ESD and relevant IPC requirements,
  • Coordination and control of technical personnel during production stages,
  • Developing, evaluating and improving the production methods with the knowledge of product design, technical parameters, material, replacement parts, equipment quality, assembly techniques and quality control standards,
  • Developing and directing new manufacturing technologies,
  • Preparing related production documents,
  • Controlling the supplier production activities and determining the quality control and technical test methods for suppliers materials,
  • Ensuring the effective production with using company instructions, IPC requirements and other documents,
  • Contribution to increase effectiveness of production, effective material usage and adaptation of quality standards,
  • Giving training to workers about production processes,
  • Control of work orders,
  • Fulfilling the responsibilities according to procedures which are published by Quality Management System, instructions, and the other documents