Data Analyst

Being a part of the Software Systems team, Data Analyst is required to establish data analysis and mining infrastructure, bringing expertise in company, and meeting project specific


  • BS degree with an emphasis on quantitative or technical work (Computer science, Operations research, statistics, mathematics)
  • MSc in machine learning, statistics, operational research or in a highly quantitative field
  • Having strong theoretical background and 2+ years of hands-on software development experience in learning and large data analysis
  • Solid understanding of linear algebra, algorithms, machine learning, optimization, numerical methods
  • Practical experience with machine learning frameworks and libraries
  • Experience with data science tools including Python scripting, numpy, scipy, matplotlib, scikit-learn
  • Experience with at least one main stream deep learning frameworks, including TensorFlow, PyTorch, Caffe, MXNet
  • Communication and data presentation skills
  • Strong problem solving ability

  • Use statistical and machine learning techniques to create scalable data analysis and mining platform
  • Analyzing and understanding historical data for specific applications
  • Design, development and evaluation of models for clustering, classification, and anomaly detection
  • Development of software to work with constructed model and data in accordance with customer requirements