Being a global, innovative engineering company offering leading-edge technology products and solutions.


To identify, develop and deliver solutions for aerospace, defense and security markets through utilizing best talents, agile processes and successful partnerships.


ESEN believes that there are different ways to work together to shape the future and achieve creative results. They go through engineering approaches based on cooperation, co-creation and establishment of real and long-term partnerships. That's why we care about positive connections between our employees, our clients and the world around us. We are trying to build partnerships that will increase our creativity, bring out new ideas, create innovative results and enable us to find a better way to do our work.

We believe in developing together.

Developing together opens the door to innovative approaches. This principle, which shapes our way of working and thinking, enables us to achieve more creative solutions with our colleagues, business partners and clients. We approach all different points of view and different ideas in an open minded manner, and solve problems that cannot be solved otherwise by cooperation. We achieve this through our open-minded, encouraging, inclusive and positive corporate culture.

We place importance to empathy

The importance we attach to empathy enables us to work in collaboration and to establish solid partnerships. We base our communication with each other and with our clients on empathy; we listen and ask questions to understand. We adopt a realistic, sincere, honest and positive attitude in all our human relations. We support our ability to find common ground with our ability to emphatize.

We adapt quickly

The best-known way is not always the best way. We always aim to find the best way with our flexible, creative and imaginative team. We use our adaptation ability to meet the needs of our clients, and we provide solutions to problems by including flexibility in our business approach and way of thinking. We respond quickly to changes, listen to suggestions and concerns with open mind, and we are always open to innovation and differences. Our adaptation capability enables us to change our route quickly and find alternative ways if needed.

We aim for excellence

Excellence in engineering is an essential requirement for every project and every client. In order to achieve perfection, we constantly seek to improve our current approaches and solutions by questioning them. We recognize the potential of new talents, tools and collaborations to improve our quality of work. For us, the way to excellence is to receive feedforward from our stakeholders, to be open to learning from others, and to not fear asking hard questions.