Ethical Foundations






Respect, Concern and Compliance

The principle of honesty is the leading ethical value ESEN stays committed to throughout its entire business process. In line with this principle, which brings transparency, we aim to provide a fair environment open for communication for all our business partners and employees. We aim to provide the best service to all our stakeholders with our approach of diligence and work focus.

We consider it as one of our most important tasks to provide complete and accurate information about all of our projects and services.

We are especially aware of the importance of flexibility in ensuring customer satisfaction and we believe that taking a firm stand against demands for changes will not benefit anyone. For this reason, we care about having the flexibility to adapt to the changes and to communicate with our stakeholders about the effects of the changes.

We encourage creativity, know the value of time, and adopt the principle of completing all our projects in the fastest way possible. We believe in the importance of teamwork with our personnel focused on business and customer satisfaction and we take our every step with the consciousness of being a team.


Co-creation for us is the basis for innovation. It describes how we work and how we think. It means that we are empowered to work collaboratively: both with our clients. We are open minded, we take into account diverse perspectives, we build on each other's ideas and by doing so, we come up with solutions that would otherwise not be possible.


Empathy is what enables us to work collaboratively and build strong partnerships. It describes the way we interact with each other and our clients. We respect eacht other, we listen and ask questions in order to understand each other's perspectives. Through empathy, we establish common ground.


Adaptability helps us adjust better to our clients' needs. It describes our flexible mind set and our way of approaching our work. It means we are able to respond quickly to changes, concerns or suggestions by being open to now ideas, to new approaches and to different ways of doing things. It means we are capable of changing course quickly and of finding alternative ways of doing things.


Excellence in engineering is what we need to deliver in each project and for each client.In order to achive excellence, we push ourselves to become better at what we do every day. We identify now skills, tools or collaborations that can potentially improve the quality of our work. Excellence for us also means that we ask for feedback, we learn from others and we are not afraid of difficult questions.