ESEN commits to translate customer requirements into quality, cost effective products and services through defined processes and provide customer satisfaction. In order to achieve this goal, ESEN believes in following principles:

Fulfill legal and regulatory requirements,

Fulfill customer requirements,

Reduce adverse environmental impacts in all processes from design stage to end-of-life,

Fulfill Quality Management System requirements and continuously improve its effectiveness,

Employees are ESEN's most important asset,

Integrity, equality, trust, honesty, team work, well-balanced work and personal life and information sharing is a natural part of ESEN company culture,

Each employee is responsible to realize this quality policy.

ISO 27001 Information Security Management System Policy: The purpose of our Information Security Management System policy is protecting the information assets of ESEN System Integration against threats that may come from inside or outside, intentional or unintentional, providing accessibility to information with business processes as required, to meet the legal requirements, to make continuous improvement work. To ensure continuity, in all activities, such three basic elements of Information Security Management System are carried out: privacy, preventing unauthorized access to important information, integrity, showing that the accuracy and integrity of the information is ensured, accessibility, demonstration of accessibility of authorized people to information when necessary. To ensure information security requirements are provided, such activities are carried out: performing data security activities not only for data held in cyber media, but also for data contained in written, printed, verbal and similar media, to inform all personnel with security management trainings, to report any threat or incident in Information Security that actually exist or are suspicious to the ISMS team and ensure that they are investigated by the ISMS team, prepare, maintain and test business continuity plans, to determine current risks by making periodic risk assessment about Information Security; referring to outputs of these risk assessment, reviewing and following up the action plans, to prevent all kinds of disputes and conflict of interest that may occur from contracts, accessibility to information, and meeting business requirements for information systems.


ESEN carries out a rigorous quality policy in order to ensure a healthy work process and to always keep customer satisfaction high. In this respect, it fulfills the requirements of the following principles and certificates:

ISO 9001:2015 and AS-9100 Rev D Quality Management System Certificates: We work in accordance with ISO 9001: 2015 and AS-9100 Rev D Quality Management System Requirements in order to develop and deliver products and services that fully meet the needs of our customers.

CMMI-DEV v2.0 Maturity Level 3: Our activities covering all product design and development life cycle (system engineering, project management, software/hardware development, integration, etc.) were evaluated by the European Software Institute (TECNALIA) as a CMMI-DEV v2.0 model maturity level 3.

Compliance with DO-178C/DO-254 requirements: We follow processes which are compliant with these criteria, which means that our safety-critical software and hardware meets the requirements of certification authorities such as EASA/FAA.

National and NATO Facility Security Clearances: It is certified by Republic of Turkey and NATO that our facility meets the required safety standards to ensure the security of data and projects of our partners.

Continuous improvement principle: We act in line with the principle of continuous improvement by means of trainings and self-assessment processes to increase efficiency, to transform current technological developments into advantage in practice and to increase performance.

ESEN is a member of the following organizations:

Defense and Aerospace Industry Manufacturers Association (SASAD)

Teknokent Defense Industry Cluster (TSSK)

Ostim Defense and Aviation Cluster (OSSA)

Communication Technologies Cluster (HTK)

The American-Turkish Council (ATC)