Established in February 2012 as an affiliated company of US-based Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC), ESEN operates in the fields of aviation, space, defense and security.

SNC, led by two innovative business people, Eren Özmen and Fatih Özmen, is a leader in solving challenges through best-of-breed, open architecture engineering in space systems, commercial solutions, and security and defense.

With its result-oriented team, ESEN continues to follow the successful path of SNC and develops innovative projects in the fields of aviation, space, defense and security.

We are Open-minded

In order for a co-creative spirit to thrive, we need to be open-minded. It means we are empowering, inclusive and optimistic.

We are Ingenious

The straightest road is not always the best one. We are flexible, inventive, imaginative. We always find a way.

We are Genuine

Being genuine means that we have people's best interest at heart. We seek human connection, we are warm, honest and optimistic.

We are Precise

Being precise means we value excellence in implementation. We are clear and direct, we say what we mean and don't add unnecessary complications.